…and so we became the most feared pirates in these waters!

Dear Crew!

We got blessed for who we are, Pirates, we fought, we plundered, we improved our skills in making knots and sailed in deep waters; and finally all Crew members arrived safely in our port of destination: Bratislava.

Your Captain can not remember being as wasted before and has a hard time to reconstruct certain events as who was fighting with whom, who drank the beer of someone else, who fired the bomb in the middle of the whole Crew. But these are the things that we pirates do to have a lot of fun together. And maybe the reason why we drink so much is that we can forget easily about yesterdays internal fights to focus on our future adventures, and still keep some good memories of a deadly drunk night.

Anyway the next occasion for payback will be the 28th of February. We will not only celebrate our courageous acts, but also the Birthday of Michi, our goddess of the sea, aka Silicon Man. I will bring the Screens for Printing and some extra spoke cards for the ones who didn’t get any or lost them. 

At this point I want to say thank you to all of you for the personal prices you brought for our treasure box and thank you for your creativity in participation. That creates the moments that cannot be organized, but make this adventure so special and rich in heroic stories… 

A very special thank you goes to the ships cook Harald who was also taking care of the worst task, transporting all the cargo, by driving a car for us, and to his scullion David especially for protecting me from a high phone bill.
Another very special thank you goes to Amira and Pineon, not just for arguing with the owner of the Cafe in Orth (where they did their checkpoint) but also for rescuing the Crew of the capsized Ship.
One more very special thank you goes to Nicholas for helping me to keep some of the good traditions of Piratislava: in designing the Spoke cards and in helping me with the Manifests serving the beeratenrowdies with some internal knowledge.
A special Thank You goes to Kaiserin for preparing the Silkscreens and to Hon-Zhi for my Outfit
A last very special thank you goes to Mama Rowdie for answering all of my phone calls with patience and valuable information.
Thank you Rakäte for awaiting us after the group-ride and for reclaiming the pirate flag we left there.
Thank you Silikon Man for blessing the ships and for helping out at the Possonium.
Thank You Aldente for fighting all these deadly pirates, for your reliability and for extra commitment.
Thank you Sailors Tomy and Tekin for sharing your knowledge in making knots.
Thank you Gudrun and Falkone for hosting the checkpoint with the most severe injuries while still participating in the ride.
Thank you Zöschg for acting in place of Hermi and becoming part of our Crew.
Thank you Mobile Checkpoint-Team Berni, Flo and Günschi for building up our artillery and teaching us how to use it.
Thank you Julia for coordinating the production of our finest Extra Price and adding your personal touch to it.
Thank you Sabotage Team for teaching us how hard it can get, I guess you prefer if I keep your names secret.
For the other extra prices I want to thank Peterle Pedale and Rheta/Bikesexual, Danny aka Cosmo/Fix Dich, Flo/Heavy Pedals and Common Shirts, Tibi/Siebdruckeria and Esther/Klamottenkunst.
And last but not least thank you Herr Karl for your photographs.
I will put a small selection on the blog. A bigger selection is available through the following link:
If you want to send me your photos for sharing them with the others please either use dropbox or wetransfer.com

Of course we were to drunk to talk about our code that night at the possonium; may I help you to remember:
Manifest No.: 1: Extra Tasks for extra Points:* Our Crew needs a real Pirate Code: Write one Rule for the Piratislava Code
I think we should make our own rules (some call might call it guidelines) on our pirate ship. Please send me your suggestions and we will discuss them.

We? Oh yes! from now on the Piratislava has not just one captain anymore. We are not just fighting against the establishment by plundering their ships but also by questioning their command structures/hierarchies. See us as your delegates and our enemies will fear us as the four most cruel and fearless Pirate-Captains of the Piratislava. 

Yours Captains of the Piratislava 2014
Oskar Nobeard, Käfer, Burned, Gudrun

(and maybe … Captain Mama Rowdie)

Stuff found at the Possonium: some knifes, swords, pistols, anchors, flags and a black sleeping bag. To get it back mail me or give me a call!

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