5th of January 2013: Setting sails with the high tide

My beloved Crew!

I’m curious about getting to know all of your qualities while being in command of the finest Ship at See, our beautiful Piratislava.

We are leaving soon. For signing the contracts we start at 9 a.m. We will leave with the high tide at 9:30, that is for shure!

If you don’t make it on time, you don’t get your extra ration of Rum but more important: give me a call.
Our ship only has 7 cabins and about 47 beds – as far as i know, and i should know. My apologies, but I prefer having all of you in my crew to having a comfortable a bed for each lousy pirate.

There is two more official rules:
* No more talking about the weather (unless it’s about 0km/h Wind)
* From now on this inadequate words Bicycle or Fahrrad, as used in talk about our ships, are banned from being used aboard the Piratislava for the rest of our adventure. Feel free to punish in any way you like.

There will be a warm meal awaiting you, when you arrive in Bratislava.

Expect nothing and be prepared for anything!
yours Oskar
socalled Nobeard
Captain of the Piratislava

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